Using Tracker & Excel in MacBook Pro to analysis falling Medicine Ball

The Program Tracker is a video analysis tool which allows one to follow the trajectory of objects in a video. One can then use the positions and times for these objects to verify that our knowledge of projectile motion is reasonable. There were 3 original files g1, g2, and g3 created through QuickTime Player and are quite large (4.81, 2.49, and 1.68 GB). They were compressed to 720 resolution, and split into pieces (g1->g1A, g1B, g1C; g2->g2A, g2B; g3->g3A, g3B). Further, they were posted onto "3cmediasolutions" to make them accessible to two of my Physics classes on Canvas. This video, g3B, compares the medicine ball speed as corrected by the two corrections (building and parallax) and compares the final value of "g", 9.8m/s/s by just comparing the Excel created trend lines for a linear and 2nd-order polynomial fit.  You should see that the two trend lines lie on top of each other.

I tried uploading this file, but it is too big (413MB) and this system only allows 400MB.

Also, tried using the YouTube video link below and applied the 3Cmediasolutions link to it. No Joy.

Next, I posted my 3gB file onto YouTube, and applied the link. You can see that worked.

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