Everyone Can Create: Matariki Project with iPad - Recap Session 1 & 2

Everyone Can Create: Matariki Project with iPad is a series of 4 online workshops Mandy Dempsey and I delivered focussed on creativity apps to enhance and capture our learning around Matariki.  In Aotearoa New Zealand we celebrate Matariki during mid-winter. Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars - also known as Pleiades. The rising of these stars signal the start of the Māori New Year. 

Follow along to create the final outcome: a multimedia movie, showcasing our understanding of the Matariki whetu (stars) and the meanings behind them.

In this post you will find the recordings of the first two workshops I delivered. 

Recap Session 1: Plan a project with Freeform on iPad

During this first session, we created a fun “Lets Taco about me” board to demonstrate some of the key features of Freeform - this would be a great introductory lesson for your students to do too. Then we explored how these tools can be used to create an inquiry workflow board on our topic of Matariki, we refer back to this board during each session.

Here is a recording of Session 1 for you to view:

Supporting Resources:

Te Papa: https://www.tepapa.govt.nz/discover-collections/read-watch-play/maori/matariki-maori-new-year/whare-tapere/matariki-star-facts NB the page I used in this workshop is no longer available on this website.

Science Hub: https://www.sciencelearn.org.nz/resources/2322-the-matariki-star-cluster 

During the workshop I shared with you a Keynote that you could import into your Freeform board, so I have included that Keynote for you.

I’d like to acknowledge the artist who created the illustration I used in this workshop, Te Haunui Tuna and thank him for granting me permission to use the image for this workshop.


Recap Session 2: Become a visual storyteller with Keynote on iPad

Tayasui Sketches School and Keynote, are two of my favourite apps. I love their versatility, creativity and how they can be both integrated throughout the curriculum and across all levels.

During this second session, we started with Tayasui Sketches School where we got creative and used our drawing skills to represent what each star symbolises. After that we moved to Keynote where I demonstrated how you can manipulate the shapes to recreate your own unique stylised stars.  Being a storyteller is so much easier when you anchor it to powerful imaginary, especially when that imagery is created by the author.

Finally we went through the process of how to animate the stars so they move to their special place in the Matariki cluster, creating a powerful visual hook to draw your audience in.

Here is a recording of that session for you to view:

I’d like to acknowledge the artist who created the illustration I used in this workshop, Te Haunui Tuna and thank him for granting me permission to use the image for this workshop.

Here is the link to the Everyone Can Create; Drawing Book -https://books.apple.comhttps://education.apple.com/en/resource/250011418


During our third session Mandy takes you on a journey of discovery inside GarageBand, experimenting with the touch instruments and live loops to create a beautiful soundscape, reflecting our understanding of the meanings behind each of the Matariki stars

In our fourth and final session Mandy pulls all of our mahi together in with iMovie. iMovie provides the perfect platform for app smashing. App smashing is when you combine the power of more than one app to produce your outcome. This gives students creative freedom and agency in choosing the best tools (apps) for the brief, taking their movie making to the next level. Our final outcome was a combination of Tayasui Sketches School artwork, Keynote animation, Clips poster titles, iMovie Green Screening, with our GarageBand soundscape.

For part three and four of this series, visit Mandy’s recap: https://education.apple.com/en/resource/250011418


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Posted on June 03, 2023

Thank you for the recorded session! Wonderful use of Keynote and Freeform. I love the flexibility of these apps - and also the creative way you have used them.

Posted on June 10, 2023

Thanks so much for these helpful tutorial videos!!

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