Visual Literacy - Looking Closer with Clips

One technique history learners use when analyzing primary sources is to reveal sections of an image before viewing the whole.  Clips can augment that technique by focusing the learner on specifics in a  photo. Learners and educators can “pinch out” while recording and/or use the Clips filters to emphasize objects, people or places that contribute to the whole story of a primary source.

In the above, the Clips filters Camcorder, Chromatic and Glitch focus the learner on the objects in the photo telling the story of the historic Poor Peoples Campaign of 1968 (Resurrection City on the National Mall).

Using Clips for visual literacy (with GarageBand 70s loops!) is an engaging way to focus on events in history. The resulting video is a great way to also kick off a Challenge Based Learning activity or lesson.

Images used (Library of Congress):


3 replies

July 07, 2023

Love the way the filters in Clips can help convey an additional layer of understanding about the historical event. Thanks for sharing this great idea, Cheryl!

July 08, 2023

Thanks Jessica - as you know I do a lot with primary sources, but now I’m thinking I might focus on this technique and Clips for a One Best Thing…still trying to decide.

July 09, 2023

Awesome Cheryl - I love the idea of starting with the zoom in and then pinching out to reveal the whole image. Quite an easy process to use in Clips to keep the learning focus on your historical sources.

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