Engage Your Students with an Interactive Workbook on the Fur Trade and "The Littlest Voyageur"

Hey fellow educators!

I wanted to share an exciting resource that I created this spring for use in our district's third grade classrooms. I thought it might be helpful for some of you too. I've developed an interactive workbook using Pages that revolves around the topic of the fur trade, intertwined with the book "The Littlest Voyageur" by Margi Preus.

This workbook has been a game-changer when it comes to engaging our students and giving them the opportunity to truly express themselves. One of the most amazing aspects of this workbook is how it empowers students to take charge of their learning by allowing them to be creative and use their own voices and choices. 

Here's a breakdown of what the workbook offers:

1. Creativity Unleashed: The workbook encourages creativity through various mediums. Students can create their own photos and videos related to the fur trade and the themes of "The Littlest Voyageur". This visual approach not only helps them internalize the concepts better but also adds a fun element to their learning journey.

2. Voice and Choice: The workbook provides students with the chance to record their own voices, making it accessible to students who may struggle with typing. They can simply use the Pages built-in audio recording feature and share their thoughts and ideas in the workbook. The audio recordings play back right in the workbook for you to review! This feature really gives students a sense of ownership and allows them to showcase their individuality.

3. Written Expression: Of course, writing remains an essential component of learning. With this workbook, students can use writing to delve deeper into their understanding of the fur trade and "The Littlest Voyageur". They can write journals, reflections, and even fill out a job application to become a voyageur themselves!

We've found that this interactive workbook has made learning much more immersive and relevant for our students. It goes beyond the traditional methods and lets them explore and engage with the content in ways that resonate with them individually. Plus, it aligns beautifully with modern technology and the skills students will need in the future.

I've attached the file and would welcome any feedback! Have fun using this resource!

Let's continue finding creative ways to inspire our students and make their learning experience unforgettable!

Happy teaching!

PS: Huge shout out to our team who collaborated to create this document, and to Michael in our Tech Department for the permission to share this work! :)


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Posted on August 31, 2023

I love how you have weaved interactivity into your content. Your shared workbooks are a big plus for social studies learning and student engagement. Thank you!

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