One Best Thing • Creating High-Impact Interactive Workbooks with Pages

I'm excited to share that I've finally reached a moment I've been eagerly awaiting since leaving Institute last summer! My "One Best Thing," a book titled "Creating High-Impact Interactive Workbooks with Pages," along with companion resources, is here! As I reflect on my experiences and the path that led me here, I am excited at the progress and proud of the content in the book, which provides a guide based on my experiences over the past five years using these workbooks, and creating them to align to district-level curricular goals.

It all started with a simple idea....way back in 2018! Fueled by the workbook that I saw at ISTE 2018 in Philly (HUGE shout out to the team that created that space-themed workbook!), I knew I needed to learn to create these workbooks to transform my own classroom. I, along with many of the teachers who came through the room, were mesmerized by the idea of using Pages as a place to not only deliver content, but to house creative projects from a variety of apps on the iPad. While I knew about Pages features like shapes and drawing, I had never considered using it in this way, and was thrilled to try it in my room. Little did I know that this passion would evolve into something more as I began developing workbooks for use on a larger district scale, and then later, evolve into something even greater – a mission to empower educators to use this transformative tool.

For the past five years, Pages Interactive Workbooks have been my secret weapon – a game changer in my classroom. Their versatility and functionality have transformed the way I engage with students, making learning not just effective, but exciting.

When "One Best Thing" projects were announced, I was drowning in a sea of ideas, from all of the different projects we've created. My heart, though, kept bringing me back to these workbooks. They're the piece that I thought could make a difference for other educators, near and far, as it has in my own classrooms and with each teacher whom I've collaborated with. And thus, the idea for a book was born. A book that would serve as a guide to transforming the learning experience for students, considering more than just "how to," but rather, why. I wanted teachers to understand the difference these have made for myself and my students, erasing the stigma of workbooks from the past, and sharing a resource for educators seeking to harness the power of interactive workbooks in their classrooms. This project has been a labor of love, and I am thrilled to see more students engaged in learning, through organized and dynamic experiences captured in beautiful workbooks.

What sets Pages apart, you ask? It's not just about the features; it's about the impact it has on students' learning journeys. No more wasted time navigating between apps or struggling with accessibility barriers. With Pages, everything students need is right at their fingertips. (NOTE: To my Keynote, Numbers, and Freeform loving fans, I know! They're great and offer many of the same tools! I just am most experienced in creating these in Pages and love some of the features, like the Table of Contents!)

From drawing tools to media integration, Pages offers endless possibilities for creativity and collaboration. It's the ultimate tool for educators looking to empower their students to take the lead in their education journey.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Pages is its inclusivity. By being completely free and utilizing the iPad's built-in accessibility tools, Pages levels the playing field from the standpoint of both cost AND ability, and ensures that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

My hope is that this book will serve as a tool for change, inspiring others to embrace innovative practices, through Pages and beyond, in their classrooms.

So, here's to the journey ahead – to empowering more teachers and students, sparking creativity, and revolutionizing student learning.

A link to my book and additional resources is below! :)

Apple Book:

Additional Resources: (

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March 14, 2024

Wow very impressive book Bethany! Lots of good information. Thanks for sharing your story!

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