Aylesbury Talks Food A to Z

One of the highlights of last year was being able to collaborate with two amazing classes at the start of our Aylesbury Talks book series. My favourite has to be our Aylesbury Talks Food A to Z. When we first started brainstorming topics for books we would like to write with our core team: a grade 2/3 and a grade 6 class, food just kept popping up. So after two individual class books (Greetings and Numbers in our home languages) we decided to join the groups together and collaborate on an Alphabet Book that captured dishes that were important to us.


A collage including the cover of the Aylesbury Talks Food A to Z book and two page layouts for the letter A and J.

As we brainstormed possible food items we also learned more about food photography. A small group of learners became leaders as they took ideas from both classes, consolidated the list and then surveyed classes for feedback to make sure the book represented the entire school community, not just our two classes. Then it was time to get 📸 snapping! I'll admit it got a little mess but a great learning experience for us all. It was awesome to have the support of other educators and families as well sending in their food images. All that was left was to add our reflections through audio notes. It was so cool to have kids come with their notes ready and to hear why the dishes were important to them or how to cook it best.

You can check out the book on the book store.

How do you celebrate student's identities, cultures and home languages?

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Posted on September 13, 2023

What a yummy book and cool collaborative idea Tina! Thanks for sharing your process and the book! This is a project that will appeal to all learners.

Posted on September 22, 2023

I absolutely adore the inclusivity level of this homegrown book, the student leadership opportunities are also endless. Well done Tina and the Aylesbury student community.

Posted on September 25, 2023

Thank you!

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