Teaching with Mac

Mac is the ideal computer for education. It’s a powerhouse for creating engaging learning experiences and is packed with features that keep students and educators productive, collaborative, and connected all day.

In the Forum posts linked below, Michelle Forrest, an Apple Professional Learning Specialist from Australia, shares a series of ideas and resources that can help educators go further with Mac in their classroom.

Part 1: Getting Started with the Basics

In this first post, Michelle shares some simple ways teachers new to using Mac can get started and build their skills and confidence.

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Part 2: Productivity Tips for the Classroom

In this second post, Michelle goes beyond the basics and shows how to create a custom Focus, use Desk View, streamline tasks with Shortcuts, and organize your desktop with stacks and Stage Manager.

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Part 3: Mac in the Classroom

In this final post of the series, Michelle demonstrates some great ways to combine productivity and creativity tools on Mac to help teachers power through tasks they perform every day.

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We hope you enjoy exploring these resources and tutorials that can help you go further  with teaching with Mac.

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