3D objects (USDZ files) into Keynote creations

It is now possible to add 3D objects into Keynote (USDZ files). These files can be found in the Reality Composer library or from different shareware websites. Add you background picture, then add you favorite 3D objects into Keynote and animate your object between slides by adding a magic move transition and moving your object. This will make your 3D object move like a real life object. Export this as a video to add in a iMovie creation. Even 7 or 8 year old students can do this. Adding a 3D object to Keynote also allows students to demonstrate their learning in a creative way.


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September 25, 2023

That is going to be exciting. Keynote is such an amazing app.

September 26, 2023

Pretty amazing Ginette - opens up some exciting possibilities for learning and creating via Keynote! Thanks for the demonstration!

November 27, 2023

I've been digging the generative 3d models from LumaAi in Discord. It's in beta but you can generate an unlimited number of 3d files for free right now. The Ai is getting better.


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