Nature’s Superheros!

Activity 1: Exploring Portrait Photography with Keynote (20 minutes)

  • Introduction to Portrait Photography with iPad (20 minutes):
  • Using Every One Can Create Photo on iPad, go through the introduction of essentials in photography. Include elements like lighting, angles, and framing. Show examples and discuss what makes a good portrait photo. (“Scenes” Pgs. 23-29) 
  • Let students try it out! Practice taking Landscape Photos first, then close up photos. 
  • Practice taking Portrait photos of each other, or themselves. 

Activity 2: Superhero Portrait Creation in Keynote (20 minutes)

  • Introduction to Superhero Portraits (5 minutes):
  • Discuss the concept of superhero poses and their significance. Encourage students to practice posing like a super hero to understand! Ask them how they feel when they’re in a super hero pose? (I.E powerful, strong, confident)
  • Capturing Superhero Poses with iPad (8-10 minutes):
  • Students take portraits of their partners in superhero poses using iPads in Keynote
  • Encourage creativity and guide them to use Keynote to make quick notes or sketches about the superhero persona of their partner.
  • Sharing and Discussing Superhero Portraits in Keynote (5 minutes):
  • Students share their superhero portraits using Keynote and briefly explain the chosen poses. Encourage discussions about the representation of superhero traits.

Activity 3: Nature's Superhero Animation in Keynote (25 minutes)

  • Introduction to Nature's Superheroes (5 minutes):
  • Discuss the idea of personifying nature elements as superheroes, emphasizing the importance of understanding nature's role as a protector and provider. Highlight simple superpowers like oxygen production, soil enrichment, and habitat creation.
  • Use Keynote to visually explain personification and its significance in connecting with the environment.

  • Observation Walk and Photo Capture (5-7 minutes):
  • Take a brief outdoor excursion with iPads for photo documentation. Students capture images of elements in nature, like trees, plants, or water bodies, focusing on features that could represent a superhero (strong, resilient, life-giving).
  • Creating Nature's Superheroes in Keynote (8-10 minutes):
  • In Keynote, guide students to choose one nature element from their photos and personify it as a superhero. They can use simple shapes, text, and drawings to create the superhero character.
  • Demonstrate basic animation in Keynote, showing how to make the superhero "fly" or "move" across the screen.
  • Discussion and Sharing (5 minutes):
  • Encourage students to share their nature superhero designs and animations. Foster discussion about the selected elements, their superhero attributes, and why these elements are crucial for the environment's health.
  • Why Personify Nature as Superheroes?
  • Personifying nature elements as superheroes offers a relatable and engaging way for students to comprehend the critical role nature plays in our lives. It helps them recognize the environment's inherent powers and emphasizes the significance of


3 replies

December 04, 2023

Thanks for the detailed activities that not only teach photographic technique but also get students outside and thinking about nature and its importance! I love the concept of Nature’s Heroes and the personification you have through Keynote as part of the activity.

Since we are into the December Holidays you reminded me of an activity I posted last year which involved photographs of nature enhanced with shapes and animations to celebrate December. Love getting learners out of doors!

December 20, 2023

What a great set of activities, with such well laid out instructions, Belen!

I really like the combination of photography with Keynote animation — all connected through the Everyone Can Create guides!

Great job! 🙌

February 09, 2024

Hi Belen

There are lots of great ideas here and thank you for sharing the rubric. It would be great to see some student examples!

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