Exploring Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose seems to be a trouble spot for many students at my schools. I have designed a template that has been incredibly popular.

The first slide I do not typically show the students. I have it on a separate file and show it to students one line at a time while discussing the topic, what is author's purpose? Students give answers and then everyone writes them down on their slide.

The next three slides are where students find examples of books that are meant to persuade, inform and entertain. In my district we use Sora as a digital library platform, and I show them how to find and screenshot examples of each. Students will then explain what each purpose means, and give a clear statement to explain the author's purpose and message. The statement is tricky for them, so we go over a lot of examples.

Finally the last slide is where students explain what is their purpose for reading. I go into detail that I typically enjoy reading for both entertainment and information. Students will add a screenshot of a book they have either read or would like to read.

The template is bland on purpose. Once students have added their information, I show them how to change things like background colors and font, and how to add shapes, transitions and animations to make their presentations more creative and personal.

I hope this helps you as much as it's helped our students!!


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