Unwind on your Holiday Break by drawing your Peanuts Character in Keynote

As we all start to finish work for the year, it can still be a time filled with busyness and rushing round buying presents, tidying the house or even just going from event to event seeing everyone. 

Having some time to relax and unwind is great way to shift gears from work mode to holiday mode and this can be different for everyone. 

I have always found drawing to be a great hobby of mine and drawing on my iPad is even better because I can erase my mistakes!  


 Try out this activity to help you take some time for you over the holiday period, put on your favourite Christmas Movie, grab a hot chocolate and a fruit mince pie and draw away.

Download the Draw your Peanuts Character Asset Keynote here. (please duplicate and then make any changes to your own copy. 😃)

Download the Draw yourself as a Peanuts Character PDF here.

Watch the original Today at Apple Draw yourself as a Peanuts Character here. 


4 replies

December 22, 2023

Super vacation fun! I’m going to try my hand at drawing Snoopy. Thanks for the template!

December 24, 2023

Amazing! Love to see your Snoopy drawing! 😁

December 26, 2023

Here I go - pretty simplistic but I’m a beginner 😊 - but I agree - very relaxing. Thanks for the inspiration!

Peanuts  Snoopy sitting on ice with skates on.
Practice drawing of Snoopy on ice.

Hey educators - give it a try!

January 02, 2024

🙌🏼 Incredible! I love your Snoopy! 🫶🏼

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