Memoji Book Projects with Keynote

As an English Language Arts teacher, I'm always looking for ways to make reading and book projects more engaging.

After reading a self-selected novel, we used Keynote for their book projects. They created Memojis that look like their main characters, based on descriptions given in the book. They then decided on four traits to describe their character, found text evidence to prove them, and Memojis with expressions that fit each trait. Later, they used the Memojis that they created to arrange a character map, showing how each character was related.

One issue that we encountered was creating the Memojis in Keynote. Due to restrictions on the student iPads, they weren't able to access Memojis in Keynote, but we were able to find a way around it. They created the Memojis in Freeform instead, split their screen with Freeform and Keynote, and then dragged the Memoji over to the Keynote.

I used Schoolwork to distribute the template (linked below). Through Schoolwork, I was able to check each student's progress as they were working. I could also make comments with advice before they submit.

My original template and a student example are linked below.





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