Creating a Self-Portrait in Keynote on iPad

Creating a Self-Portrait in Keynote on iPad

Empower students to unleash their creativity through the innovative features of Keynote. This versatile app seamlessly integrates audio, art, and photography, providing a dynamic platform for self-expression. As we endeavour to cultivate new avenues for student creativity, it becomes imperative to equip them with the necessary tools to realize their artistic visions.

Let’s dive in!

Begin by opening Keynote.

In Keynote, you want to choose a theme, ideally one with little going on in the background so that your canvas does not take away from your work.

Once you’ve opened your new Presentation in Keynote, clear all the text boxes. 

Tap once on a text box, then tap Delete. 

Now you have a blank canvas and you are ready to go!

Selecting your Media menu will show you all the different tools you can incorporate into your art piece. 

First, Lets start with the Camera. 

Take a selfie and when you’re happy with it, select “Use Photo”.

This is a great opportunity to discuss some tips for taking a good photo. Check out “Everyone Can Create Photo” in Books for some more tips!

Once you’ve added your photo, go back to the Media menu and select on Drawing.

Be as creative a you’d like here. Add fun hair, a moustache, or a cool background!

About halfway through the drawing time, try deleting your image from the background. This is a great way for immediate feedback. What do you need to add? What was missing from your drawing?

**Remember: If you want to bring something back, or undo a mistake, Click the “Undo Button” on the top right of your screen**  

Now that you’ve finished your Self-Portrait, you can tap on your original picture and delete it from the background. Now, you’re left with your masterpiece! 

In the next step, I suggest offering the opportunity to add an audio file. By selecting on the Media menu, you can Record Audio and add in a description of your new art piece. 

Click Record, and when you’ve finished, select Insert on the top right corner. 

Now, you have an interactive art piece! 

When you’re ready to save your Self-Portrait, select on the Presentation’s Name on your top left corner. Then, select Export.

If your presentation includes any moving parts or audio files, you will need to export your file as a Movie.

Now, you can share your work with everyone!


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March 04, 2024

What a creative way for students to represent themselves in a self portrait, Belen! I love how using a photo as reference can support all artists. Thank you for sharing this step-by-step guide to student creation in Keynote. I look forward to sharing this idea with some of the teachers I support!

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