More Than A Page: Tips for Publishing Class Books with Pages

Definitely my One Best Thing of last school year had to be our series of Aylesbury Talks books created in Pages. Wanting to push ourselves beyond just seeing Mirrors and Windows on our shelves, we wanted to create a series of books that felt on par to the published texts on our shelves but had our faces, voices, traditions and cultures. Each of our 5 books were published as both a physical tangible book and a digital enhanced book with audio and more. We continue to publish and add to our collection but you can learn more about our journey last year here.

We learned so much through our inquiry we wanted to share. How can you capture an inquiry into a resource? It was a bit of a struggle but enter the tip sheet series. Hopefully this allows us to share a bit of our pedagogical and digital decisions in a more tangible way - grouped around our class books, collaborative books, and community books.

First up is Tips for Publishing Class Books with Pages. It shares our tips from our first books where we started simple with a typical classroom practice of class books just elevated slightly. After allowing them time to play in Pages, we followed their lead on the books they felt passionate about. Creating a template allowed small groups to work on their pages before consolidating them into our class books.

2 tips are captured in white boxes on a blue background with screenshots of book covers and more surrounding.
First Tip Sheet: Tips for Publishing Class Books in Pages

Check out one of our published class books from the Book Store Aylesbury Talks Numbers. Definitely not perfect but it gives you an idea. You can also download the pdf Tips for Publishing Class Books below.

Are you new to Pages? Not sure where to get students started? This template was inspired by our first exploration in Pages last year. Feel free to remix it to work for your learners.

Do you have any other questions about publishing books in Pages as a class? Have an idea for a class book you have tried or want to try? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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Posted on March 03, 2024

Wow this is wonderful! Super way to include cultural values, inclusion as well as literacy. Thanks for your link to Aylesbury Talks Numbers. Fantastic for English Language Learners and all students. Creating class books with Pages is certainly an idea that I’ll pass along.

Posted on March 04, 2024

Thank you! Yes friends were showing off their greetings book today once again and just reminded of the power of the process.

Posted on March 03, 2024

What a great resource! The tips are helpful as is the Pages template. I'm sure your students enjoyed this project!

Posted on March 06, 2024

Tina, thank you for sharing these valuable tips for publishing a class book! I love the idea that small groups work on aspects of a bigger production.

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