Modeling Math in Keynote

CoAuthor - @anthony257

Keynote Appreciation post! We've been working to bring math to life with shapes, line drawings, and simple animations in Keynote which captured a learner's thinking. Learners showed their understanding in multiple ways with just their finger or by adding animations on number lines or with fractions or solving a story problem; this will work for a plethora of math topics. This allowed us not only see their solution, but the process and thinking along the way. Here a few ideas - Please reply with more ideas!

Number Line Example: Students modeled multiplication along a number line and showed the equal groups in dots as an additional model. Students were encouraged to use different colors to show each numbers correlate between the algorithm and pictures, add audio, and the line drawing animation.


Number Line Example with Multiplication

Fraction Example: Students were working on practicing modeling fractions using circles and rectangular models. Working in drawing, most students drew the circles or rectangles and practiced dividing the whole; while a few used shapes to make sure the whole. They used the crayon or highlighter to add color and name the fraction shaded. Students were encouraged to show the equivalent fractions, add audio, and the line drawing animation to bring them to life. A few explore the magic move transition to merge their equivalent fraction numbers together.


Two fractions drawn and divided into smaller parts to show equivalence.
Fraction Equivalent Modeled on Circles

Story Problem Example: Given a rigorous story problem, students used the drawing feature to annotate the story problem for important words and numbers. They then showed their thinking by writing out their work whether it was an array model, algorithm, or pictorial model. Students were encouraged to show the solution twice, add audio or text to justify, and the line drawing animation.


Handwritten drawing of a student solving a story problem.
Story Problem Example.

Bonus: The various export options from Keynote make sharing to a public gallery space so easy! #OPSProud #OPS_Kennedy



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March 09, 2024

Thank you for sharing these great examples of uses in Keynote for Math! I love the creativity of how you are using Keynote and how that can help your students engage differently with the content and be able to see visual representations of their work! Great stuff!

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