Number Line Animations in Keynote - Ordering Rational Numbers

I had the opportunity recently to co-teach a lesson with a former college of education student in her 6th grade math classroom. Students were practicing the skill of ordering rational numbers using a number line. Students had been introduced to the skill, so we were looking for a new way for students to demonstrate their understanding while also building some collaboration and technology skills in the process -- enter Keynote animations!

I created a number line template, and we taught students how to use the "Create Path" animation on iPad to demonstrate how they were counting from zero to place each number on the number line. Students worked in groups of 5 with one iPad per group and were told that each group member should be responsible for one color (point/number) per slide. This encouraged students to talk about their work with one another and practice some social skills around cooperation and collaboration.

We also asked students to add audio to their slides to share their thinking. How did they determine the best place on the number line for their rational numbers? I love how the audio and Create Path animations gave us insight into students' thinking and process. The paths that students drew show whether they counted from zero or chose another strategy, and their audio recordings provide an additional layer of information into their understanding of the lesson concepts.

I've included a student-created example and attached the Keynote template below. I'd love to hear your feedback! How else could we continue to evolve this lesson idea?  


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March 22, 2024

I think this is a great way for students to discuss how to order rational numbers! You could always have them add in a Line Draw animation that shows converting the rational numbers into equivalent forms. For example, change .4 to 4/10 so that they could show the comparison to 8/10 in another way.

March 25, 2024

Love that idea, Eileen! Thanks for sharing!

March 22, 2024

Thanks for the student example Jessica! Always good for students to explain their learning. Love the Keynote Animations used in math, fun as well as instructional.

March 26, 2024

Thanks, Cheryl! Yes, animations are definitely fun as well as functional. Students were so engaged in the task from start to finish.

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