Harmony Day Activity using Guides in Maps and Keynote

 A really interesting and collaborative activity for students to do for Harmony Day is exploring different Capital Cities of the World using Maps. We can quickly visit cities we’ve never heard of before, are too far away, or could only imagine what these cities look like, by using different features and modes within Maps.

Students can work with their peers to show where their families or friends are from, or currently live in the different locations around the World. Students can take screenshots or screen recordings of the different locations using the Map Features shown in the video. 

In this tutorial video we show you how to use:

  • Explore 2D
  • Explore 3D
  • Satellite 2D
  • Satellite 3D
  • Look Around
  • Fly Over
  • And a special hidden AR/VR Mode

To help you even more with this activity download the Keynote Template below and also a Guide in Maps. The Keynote has 1 slide per mode and allows students to explore some facts about the city and add in some images or screenshots. The Guide already has all the Capital Cities of the World, added in. Download the Guide and add this into your Maps. You will then be able to easily see each Capital City and move between each city.

Download the Keynote here. (please duplicate the template on your device and use the duplicate)

Download the Map Guide here.

See what iOS and iPadOS 17 features are available for the different cities here. 

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March 21, 2024

Love this activity - Super for geography and culture! Thanks for the excellent explainer video for using this Maps activity and for the Keynote template!

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