Apple Maps Travel Guide

In this engaging activity, students will step into the role of travel agents to design and promote a captivating trip itinerary for their audience. Each stop in Florence on their itinerary will symbolize significant individuals and concepts covered in the unit. To bring their trip to life, students can utilize Apple Maps' "flyover" feature to capture stunning 3D screenshots of their chosen locations. Additionally, they have the option to craft their very own dynamic "flyover" experience using iMovie or Keynote animation tools. This hands-on project not only fosters creativity but also reinforces learning in a fun and interactive way.Students will act as a travel agent and plan a trip itinerary to sell to their audience. Their key stops in Florence will represent the key people and terms of the unit. Apple Maps has a "flyover" option as well to help capture 3D screenshots of their stops. They can create their own "flyover" in iMovie or Keynote animation.



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