Explore First Nation lands through Pop Art

The “First Nations Land” project is designed to familiarize students with the history and geography of indigenous territories. By using Apple Maps and Create Pop Art techniques to explore and represent these territories, students gain a more nuanced and personal understanding of the subject.🌿🎨

The stages of the project

Learning Intentions

This visual project encourages students to actively observe and reflect on the geographical features that have influenced indigenous societies. It has helped enrich my students’ learning experience, provided geographical relevance, and strengthened their ability to retain information meaningfully.


Apps used during the project

The Process

The first step of the project was to take a screenshot of the territory using the Apple Maps application. Next, we made some modifications in Photos by cropping the right selection and applying some creative editing effects. Then, we used Markup to draw on the map. Finally, we imported everything into Keynote to add arrows and text boxes. 📸🎨🗺️


Screenshot of the Notes App during drawing

Assessment of learning

To further explore the geographical features of the territory, we could revisit the lands to understand the changes that have happened over time. As an assessment of learning, I would emphasize formative evaluation through classroom discussions. Students could also showcase their creations and present them to other students. 


In summary, this project allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the history and geography of Indigenous territories. Indeed, it encourages active observation and reflection on the territorial features that have influenced Indigenous societies. 

Extension Activities

To enhance the project and integrate it into language studies, I would encourage students to further explore the cultural and social aspects of First Nations and present the results of their research orally or in writing. Students’ creative projects could also be showcased through a multimodal virtual exhibition, where each student discusses their artistic choices and learning experiences, highlighting both the process and the final product. 🌍🗣️🎨

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