Using AI and Keynote for Storytelling- Māui and Kupe

I have started using AI images through Padlet to support my students with storytelling, especially around Aotearoa New Zealand Histories and Legends. I was inspired by some of Paul Hamilton's work and I am looking forward to having a tutu (play) alongside my students to see how we can further manipulate and customise AI generated images, within Keynote to start with.

During this Term we have been investigated the story Māui and the Secret of Fire. Some of the factors I wanted to incorporate were:

  • The Keynote comics were bilingual (both Māori and English).
  • That they represented students shared understanding of mātauranga ( Māori Knowledge). This is a modern term that broadly includes traditions, values, concepts, philosophies, world views and understandings derived from uniquely Māori cultural points of view.
  • We manipulated the AI images and made them our own by removing backgrounds, rotating them, resizing for perspective and incorporated them into shapes e.g. clouds, rain and fire etc.
  • That we could add any combination of text, music, narration, animation or AR.


The second story that we will investigate through Keynote will be Kupe and the Giant Wheke, the story of the finding and naming of Aotearoa New Zealand. We will keep the same criteria and utilise GIFs to begin with.


Hopefully you can utilise some of these ideas to support your students with their historical and/or indigenous storytelling from your own countries.

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