"Be the Curator of your Own Museum" using Augmented Reality

Objectives: Students will create a "museum exhibit" using augmented reality (AR MAKR) to show their knowledge and understanding of a specific topic from World War II . Students will research, design, and lead a "tour" through their museum to an authentic audience.


9th grade student teaching 5th grader about World War II.

Grade Level & Subject: 9th grade American History (adjustable)

Time Frame: Three (80 minute) class periods + Presentation Day

Project Introduction: Prior to beginning this project, students had already been taught the unit standards. Students are then given the opportunity to dive deeper into a specific topic from World War II and will complete the following packet. Students will write an introduction paragraph to explain their topic as well as design a total of 8 individual exhibits. Students will lead their audience through their AR museum, explaining each artifact/picture and its connection to their topic.


Project Directions & Timeframe

Design Process:

  • Day 1: Students complete Step 1 and 2. In Step 1, students will choose a topic. In Step 2, students will write their introduction. The introduction is to be read aloud to the audience on the presentation day. It gives the audience an idea of what the museum exhibits are about and why the topic is significant to World War II. Students submit their introduction to be proofread and revised.
  • Day 2: Students complete Step 3. In Step 3, students use the internet to find at least 5 artifacts and 3 pictures related to their topic. For each exhibit, students will write a brief explanation of their artifact or picture. An artifact consists of a man-made object of cultural or historical significance. Students will remove the background to make the artifact appear "real." Students can use the "Copy Subject" method or remove background in Keynote. Artifacts and pictures should tell a story and enhance learning for the audience. As students find their artifacts and pictures, they will place each one on an individual slide in Keynote. The Keynote slides should have a background with "No Fill." Keynote Museum Exhibit Template is attached and ready to use!


Example of exhibit in Keynote slide prior to AR MAKR upload.

  • Day 3: Students will complete Steps 4 and 5. In Step 4, students will export their slides from Keynote and import the images into AR MAKR. Once downloaded into AR MAKR, students will create their layout and place their exhibits, focusing on layout, aesthetics, and organization. Exhibits should be easy to follow and view for the audience. In Step 5, students go on a practice run with their peers to prepare for the big day!
  • Presentation Day: The highlight of the project is the presentation day! 9th grade students travelled to our nearby elementary school and presented their projects to 5th graders. 5th grade students are preparing to learn about World War II and have used this as a pre-learning opportunity.  

9th grade student teaching 5th grader



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Posted on April 17, 2024

This is a really great history learning activity. I like the merging of tech and history and the creativity that goes with making the museum. Thanks for all the detail and the steps!

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