Creating Inclusive Classrooms with iPad - APL Live Recap


As part of the Australian & New Zealand Apple Professional Learning Live series, I shared with fellow teachers ways that we can use iPad to support us in Creating Inclusive Classrooms. As teachers, we know that inclusion in education means ensuring that every student, no matter their individual needs or potential barriers, has equal access to learning and the same opportunities to succeed.

This post acts as a landing page, sharing additional resources to support and inspire you as you explore ways that iPad helps to create inclusive classroom environments that really help unlock the potential of all our learners.


🎬 Creating Inclusive Content with Clips

Clips is an incredibly powerful app to use in the classroom for both students and teachers, allowing inclusive content to be created that can feature both visual and audio elements. This means we can make the content we create more inclusive and accessible. Visit this post to learn how you can create your own instructional videos featuring subtitles (or Live Titles) for students using Clips. You will also explore a video demonstration showing you all the additional features and special effects your students may use to create their own content.


💡30 Top Tips for Accessibility in Education

This is an incredible resource within the topic of inclusive education. 30 Top Tips for Accessibility in Education was created by Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Julia Parker. This Resource outlines 30 powerful tools/features on iPad that might be essential for some, but so so useful for all. It is definitely worth diving into all 30 of these tips, but I will provide a direct link to those we covered in our APL Live Session: Dictation, Speak Selection, Translate, Live Text, Colour Filters and Magnifier.


🌱 Inclusive Education - A 4 Part Series

The links below will take you to a comprehensive 4 part series on inclusive education as created by Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Laura Meney. These videos cover most of the tools we explored in our APL Live session, as well as many more ways iPad can support you and your students in this space.

🌱 Part 1 - Reaching All Learners with Apple Technology - This first video explores how Apple technology can be at the forefront of your classroom approach to inclusion, and sets the scene for the remaining parts.

🌱 Part 2 - Using Inclusive Tools to Support Classroom Research - This video explores how learners might use and personalise Siri, Safari Reader, Spoken Content and Live text to reduce barriers in classroom participation.

🌱 Part 3 - Using Inclusive Tools to Gather and Organise Information - This video explores how learners might use and personalise inclusive tools on iPad such as: Dictation, Split View, Scribble, Predictive Text & Drawing Tools to make the process of gathering information and organising thinking more efficient and effective.

🌱 Part 4 - Designing Learning Scaffolds - The final video in the series shows how to utilise the tools and features within Apple native apps to create and share effective learning scaffolds.


I hope you find these resources useful when exploring ways to Create Inclusive Classrooms with iPad. I also invite you to share a comment below with ways in which you have used iPad to create an inclusive learning environment 🫶🏻

Rachel Minns @techplayteach

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