Artifacts of America: AP US History Digital Portfolio

Hello, Fellow Educators!

I'm thrilled to finally share my "One Best Thing". After an inspiring session at the ADE Institute, I developed this new concept specifically for my AP US History class. It's designed as a yearlong project that culminates in a comprehensive digital portfolio, which is why Im just posting now!!

For this project, I utilized Apple Freeform, a fantastic tool that enhances digital portfolio creation. I've crafted this initiative to not only align with our educational goals but also to demonstrate the versatility of Freeform in capturing and presenting historical knowledge.

Included in my share is everything you'll need to replicate or adapt this project, from detailed project guidelines to resources that can spark ideas for portfolio projects in other content areas. Additionally, I’m excited for you to see the incredible student samples included; they truly showcase the potential of students when given creative freedom and the right tools.

Using Freeform to showcase "My One Best Thing" seemed like the perfect method to reflect the digital creativity we’re fostering in our students.

A preview of my Freeform board.

Check out the project, use the resources, and get inspired by what our students can do. Looking forward to hearing how you might adapt this for your own classes!

Artifacts of America: AP US History Digital Portfolio

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