Diving Deep with APUSH: A Creative Exploration Through Apple Freeform

Hey Folks,

I'm pumped to share an innovative project idea that's going to jazz up our AP US History (APUSH) adventure. It's all about harnessing the cool features of Apple Freeform to dig deeper into historical documents and themes, but with a splash of creativity.

With Freeform, we get to layout historical documents, jot down our thoughts, add voice notes, or even short videos to share background info. It’s a hands-on way to get up close with document analysis and tease out the key themes of APUSH, all while having a bit of fun with the visuals.

The exciting part? This isn’t a one-and-done deal. We’ll be building our projects gradually over the school year, making our way towards a comprehensive final piece. As we tackle different historical periods, we’ll keep adding to our Freeform project, crafting an interactive timeline that showcases the evolution of key themes.

I’ve thrown in the project directions for you to chew on, and to give you a sneak peek, I’ve attached some screenshots of what students have crafted so far. It’s a little show-and-tell of how we can blend primary sources, analysis, and a neat visual layout into one engaging learning journey.

By the time we hit the end of the year, we’ll each have our own interactive project that's a testament to our deep dive into APUSH material. It’s a way to make document analysis less of a snooze and help us hold onto the APUSH content in a way that sticks.

I am looking forward to seeing how this project evolves and would love to hear your thoughts or any suggestions you might have!






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Posted on October 03, 2023

Very cool project for any history class! Thanks for the idea. I like the way student’s will build on their Freeform timeline and then select events or primary sources to merge into a final Keynote. Great analysis holder as well as a review platform for the AP test. Plus very creative!

Posted on October 12, 2023

What an incredible learning Roadmap! Students tap onto their creativity while exploring primary sources, videos, etc for a very hands-on, deeper learning experience! A great way to teach too!

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