Focus Learning with Classroom

Apple Classroom is more than just a monitoring tool; it's a gateway to innovative teaching and streamlined classroom management. Here’s how to get started and make the most of this powerful app:

Getting Started with Apple Classroom

Using the Classroom app on your Mac or iPad, you can manage student learning effectively. After adding student iPads to Apple Classroom, you can monitor activities, share work, open apps, mute sounds, and lock screens to focus student attention.

Focus Student Learning

Apple Classroom allows you to guide and focus student learning through various actions:

  • Open, lock, and hide apps: Control which apps students can access.
  • View and lock screens: Ensure students stay on task.
  • Open webpages and share links/documents: Direct students to specific online resources.

Showcase Student Work

The app enables you to showcase student learning by sharing their live work with the class via Airplay. This feature is great for discussions and provides a platform for real-time student engagement.

Save Time and Focus on Teaching

By using Classroom, teachers can save time and concentrate on teaching:

  • Transitions: Smoothly transition between activities by locking screens.
  • Discussions: Enhance classroom discussions by sharing student work live.
  • Differentiation: Use smart groups to tailor instructions and resources to different student needs.
  • Feedback: Provide immediate feedback by viewing, screenshotting, annotating, and airdropping students' live work.
  • Structuring Lessons: Use agendas to guide the lesson flow and keep everything organised.
  • Assessment: Capture whole-class responses for quick assessment through screenshots.

Managed Student IDs

The integration of managed student IDs allows for secure and personalised access, ensuring that each student’s progress is tracked accurately.

Final Tips

Agendas are recommended to manage your workflow efficiently, allowing you to pre-set lesson structures and run them smoothly with timers to keep the lesson on track. This preparation reduces stress and ensures you can focus on delivering impactful teaching.

Here is a padlet of resources I have collated from other APLS and educators from the Apple Learning Community 

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