Keynote Kaleidoscopes!

 I wanted to share a resource that has been a hit in my 7th grade Art class. It's an 11-minute video tutorial on how to create a kaleidoscope effect using Keynote on the iPad. This activity not only engages students but also enhances their understanding of geometric and organic shapes.

What's Included:

  • Video Tutorial: The attached video walks through the entire process of creating a kaleidoscope effect in Keynote. It's detailed and easy to follow, making it a great reference for students.
  • Written Directions: For those who prefer reading or need a quick reference, I also have written directions available.

Educational Benefits:

  • Understanding Shapes: This activity helps students better understand the concepts of geometric and organic shapes.
  • Creative Expression: Students get to apply these concepts creatively, resulting in unique and colorful designs.
  • Technology Integration: Using Keynote for art projects integrates technology into the classroom, making learning more interactive and modern.

Feel free to check out the video and see how it can enhance your art lessons. Your students will enjoy the creative process while deepening their understanding of important art concepts.

Create a kaleidoscope in Keynote!



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