iMovie and an iPad: Start Video Podcasting Today!

Video podcasting is on the rise, and you can be a part of this growing and relevant trend. Applicable to the classroom, school, and larger district community, it connects students with one another, as well as stakeholders within a school and district. There is no need to fear, with iMovie and an iPad, your innovation dreams are near!

A common misbelief about podcasting is that it is solely audio-based. While audio podcasts are indeed popular, and a great method for engaging students (such as those who are shy and reserved when presenting in front of others), the impactful effect of video is undeniable. And here's another misconception - that in order to create a video podcast, you will need an expensive camera, costly specialized microphone, and a beautiful studio environment.

None of these are true.

The power of video podcasting is in the conversation, the stories, and the interpersonal connections.

And to get started, all you need is iMovie (FREE!) and your iPad (or iPhone or MacBook) to get started. 

Included is a quick start guide on how to create/import a video into iMovie, and begin editing. If you have no idea where to start, start right here! A quick video tutorial is also below:


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July 13, 2024

What’s so nice about this video podcast technique is that it is all built into the iPad, no web based editors that can sometimes be glitchy (or disappear). Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. Great for quick student video podcasting activities across the curriculum - Thanks David!

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