Capturing Point of View in Reading Using Camera


Point of View is a critical concept in storytelling, and using the Camera on iPad can help students develop a deeper, personalized understanding of perspective.

Activity Description:

In this activity, students work together in pairs to capture photos from two perspectives using the iPad Camera; one self-portrait and one of their partner. They then use the Markup tool to label each point of view and the words associated with each perspective.

Students Responses:

Here are two examples from students: a first-person point of view and a third-person point of view.


A student with brown short hair taking a self-portrait with iPad.

Student 1: I love piano. (First-person)


A photo of a boy with short brown hair using Markup to annotate a photo of a classmate on iPad.

Student 2: He plays hockey. (Third-person)


Try this activity with your students and share your experiences in the comments below! How did it enhance their understanding of perspective and storytelling skills? Happy shooting!

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