Elevator Pitch - YOU! An Introductory Activity

In our program, we ask our 1:1 iPad learners to introduce themselves to us digitally before we begin to work together in the next school year. Since they are new to using the iPad for creation and new to us, we needed an activity that was a low skill tech lift, but has high interest for the learners since we would be asking them to do this on their own free time in the summer!

The Skill Building

Using the skills from Everyone Can Create Video in Chapter 1 on "Building Your First Movie" using Clips, I made a quick introductory how to video on Clips and sent it to learners.


I encouraged the students to watch on a second screen and follow along on their own iPad, or watch the video first and try creating themselves after.

Option for in person learning:

Demo the Clips quickly in class, then using Chapter 1 from Everyone Can Create Video as a guide, have the students complete the activities to learn the features of the app.

The Activity

After they have the basics down, the learners were given the following scenario to create their own Clips video:

Elevator Pitch Scenario

You are in an elevator. There is your dream employer in the elevator with you for the perfect dream job. When they get out, you'll never see them again.

You have only this elevator ride to convince them to give you that dream job.

Once the elevator stops, your time is up (roughly 30 to 60 seconds or 75 words).

What do you do? What do you say? Use the short time you have in this elevator to explain in broad terms why you should be hired for this dream job. 

Create your elevator pitch using the new skills you have with Clips.

We then had them submit their final video electronically. Generally, I give only formative feedback which is heavy on productive praise.

Options for in person learning:

  • students pair and share to show each other their creations
  • students AirDrop to the teacher to create a collection to share as a class
  • selected students (or all!) AirPlay their creation to the class

The Takeaways

This is a great way to bootstrap in some early iPad in the year iPad skills and storytelling for the students.

For the teachers, this is a great way to get a sense of who the students are as learners - both personally (trust me - their personality comes through!), and as a learners (we have had submissions that was just the student's head talking and ones where the student build their own cardboard elevator to film!).

Possible Extensions:

  • Make a specific list of skills from Clips you want to see the students use
  • Consider a way to allow students to revise after sharing and feedback to improve their storytelling and Clips usage

More Resources:

Apple's Clips User Guide

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