About This Place - History + Apple Maps Place Cards

I love using Apple Maps to create lesson ideas for educators and learners. Helping learners understand the significance of a place and its influence on events merges important content design skills with history, geography, and cartography to highlight compelling stories. Recognition of place is a central part of the World story. 

Besides the stunning design, 3D tours, Look Around (and getting us to where we want to go!) Apple Maps often provides additional information on places of interest via Place Cards and Guides. Students can emulate the Apple Maps Place Cards concept to highlight a location of importance. They can research the significance of that place and by using Pages or Keynote, create, design and build their own place cards to share their learning experience with classmates.


A “Map Card” of Provident Hospital with primary source images
Images of a place card designed on iPad with caption
This year I was inspired by Black History Month Creativity Challenge to design a sampler for teachers around the theme of Black Health & Wellness using the Maps Place Card idea. I often wrap my lesson ideas into Pages, export as epub and publish to the Apple Book Store so that they are an easy download for teachers I work with.


Cover of book - About this place
Image of Book Cover

About this Place, available the Apple Book Store, contains this lesson idea so teachers might help students learn, create and tell a story using the model of Apple Maps Place Cards or Guides.  The book includes a step by step guide on how to create a simulated map place card on iPad using Pages, Apple Maps, Keynote and Photos.

The goal of the book is to inspire teachers to develop easy to implement creative learning activities on iPad that increase student understanding about the significance of Place.

7 replies

August 26, 2022

Such a great lesson for creativity and inclusion. We encourage students to create projects capturing people and places in the history of their local community and I look forward to having them create place cards like the ones you have shared.

August 27, 2022

Maps app, wonderful use of an app that is often overlooked in education. The Maps app can be a wonderful alternative for storytelling and sharing ideas. Also, students love the interactive visuals. Thank you for sharing 😀

August 28, 2022

Yes, agree! And it is a great way to take virtual trips.

August 27, 2022

Thanks for the ideas. Apple Maps is something I haven't used as much, so love this inspiration.

August 27, 2022

This is a wonderful lesson Cheryl and really brings history to life. Thank you for sharing this idea. I know it is something I will use with students in the schools I work with.

August 28, 2022

I really think it is an engaging history activity to connect Apple Maps with primary sources in a history class. Also including Flyovers and connecting to historic places is such a great activity. Here is one I did on Coit Tower and the amazing art inside some time ago. 

August 28, 2022

This is a great idea, Cheryl!

Such a creative way for students to explore history, culture, and get a better sense space and place.

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