Clips as an interactive oral language learning tool ‘as Gaeilge’ (applicable for all language subjects)

The following is a project where Junior Cycle students (approx 13-15 year olds) used Clips as an interactive oral language learning tool. The projects are done ‘as Gaeilge’. (through Irish) 

Part of our Junior Cycle in Ireland centres around obtaining oral fluency in their language subjects - Irish, English, MFL’s by actively speaking the language. Oral presentations are a cornerstone in all afore mentioned subjects as part of a Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) component which forms part of Junior Cycle grades. 

One particular project we undertook involved students retelling a poem or story they had studied in a variety of different ways, the examples below show students using Clips to retell their chosen story by using Art work and voice recordings.



In my own school, we now have a trolley of iPad but when we completed this class project we had very limited technology. My own 2 iPad and student iPhones were used to complete the projects which in itself is a very important message - limited technology does not limit possibilities with technology within the classroom. 

The following examples of students’ work showcase them presenting orally through the medium of Clips using their oral spoken Irish through voice recordings without the added pressure of physically presenting in the classroom in front of their peers. This acted as a stepping stone to build their confidence to prepare them for the Oral Presentation component of their Junior Cycle syllabus. 

Student examples:




4 replies

August 27, 2022

Love these examples and great use of Clips, creativity and iPad across languages and for CBAs. Can't wait to share these examples with some of our teachers. 👏

August 27, 2022

GRMA Miriam!

August 27, 2022

Although you have a secondary focus here Deborah I can see how useful this idea would also be in Primary schools. GRMA for sharing!

August 28, 2022

This is wonderful, Deborah!

Such impactful use of Clips for iPad that can be utilised in any language class and a range of age groups!

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