Coaching is all about guiding others toward self reflection and self awareness

I was an instructional coach in public school for 5 years before moving into an admin position; one huge tip I’d like to share that saved me so much time and energy is to use the camera app on iPad. When I was working on coaching a struggling teacher, with permission, I’d set up an iPad in the back of a classroom and set it to record their teaching for about 10 mins. The teacher could choose to watch it alone, share it with me later, or watch it together. It was always their choice. The video wasn’t the main source of discussion… the coaching conversation always focused on what the teacher was able to learn from the video. How they teach in their mind was often times different than how the teaching was happening in reality. It was never to be judged or criticized… the goal was to identify something they weren’t even aware of. Make sure you’ve established trust and a connection through a building relationship…. But the camera app on iPad is GOLD!

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Posted on August 27, 2022

I love the no-pressure situation you put teachers in by allowing them to watch their teaching alone. There is SO much power in watching yourself teach, but many times, teachers are afraid of the feeling of judgement. I love that you eliminated that!

Thanks for the idea! I’m going to give it a try this year.

Posted on August 27, 2022

and in 5 years, I NEVER violated that trust. If they didn’t want to share their video…. 100% up to them. I’d never even ask. The times I did watch a video is when the teacher brought it with them to the debrief.

I would either set up the teacher device to record or use mine and AirDrop before I left the room, then deleted in their full view. That boundary of vulnerability was never violated. Watching yourself teach can be an intense experience.

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