Getting Started with Podcasting Part 3: Edit and Publish Podcast (3 of 3)

My name is Marcus Warren and I am from the West side of Chicago, IL. I am Chief Operating Officer at We Are Light Inc., a community-based organization that facilitates youth leadership and creative media training. I am also a partner/content creator/executive producer at a multimedia company called Streetlight Eternal Entertainment.

I encourage learners to spend time, as much as possible, gaining insight and understanding about the identity and substance of their projects/products. Consider the impact. Don’t think about monetization first; we’ll have plenty of opportunities to address that as we develop the business of your product. Focus more on people; serving. See the need for what you’re creating. Ask yourself good questions, like: 

Who is this for? What value am I offering? Why am I the one to offer this? Are there other offerings like this? What is similar? What are the differences? What are your goals? How do you know when you’ve purposefully fulfilled your goals? 

Asking yourself good questions enlarges your vision which allows you to see things as they truly are and what may be needed of you to make things what they need to be for the people that you serve.

In this final video, we cover editing audio clips and adding music in GarageBand. We also discuss how to brand a podcast and publish it on Apple Podcast.

There are many websites where you may research how to brand and market your podcast online. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or come up with it all on your own. Adopt what works best for you and tailor it to fit your show. When you’re finished creating the podcast and you have things just the way that you like, publish it on Apple Podcast.

Go to to learn more on how to create an account, access tools and resources to create or improve your show, gain insight on how to market and grow your audience, and join a community of podcasters that are already blazing their trails on the platform.

Now, you just got a crash course in creating your very own podcast. I am so looking forward to hearing your work on Apple Podcast. 

If you want to learn more about the amazing work that we are doing training youth for leadership and creative media at We Are Light, Inc., go to 

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Posted on June 23, 2023

Wonderful 3 session lesson and overview of podcasting Marcus! I like the way you split it up making each session into easy creative “bites”. Great for those of us and our learners who getting started with podcasting. Thanks!

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