Getting Started with Podcasting - Part 1: Research and Plan (1 of 3)

My name is Marcus Warren and I am from the West side of Chicago, IL. I am Chief Operating Officer at We Are Light Inc., a community-based organization that facilitates youth leadership and creative media training. I am also a partner/content creator/executive producer at a multimedia company called Streetlight Eternal Entertainment. 

As a natural-born teacher and creative, I have labored in these fields in one form or fashion throughout my entire life. I’ve been producing music since my adolescent years stemming from learning how to play drums at the age of 7 to being a recording artist and music producer. I nurtured my love for creativity through various forms of expression from music production, to video editing, to sketch comedy/script writing, and the like. In recent years, a partner of mine suggested that I join him in creating a radio show that he was putting together. This was a few years before podcasting became "a thing." Through practice, trial, and error, I learned how to produce and publish podcast shows from establishing the structure and theme of a podcast show to capturing good sound quality. In turn, I made the decision to extend my knowledge of the space to interested youth within the communities I serve.

My intention is to create environments for youth learners to become aware of their natural-born skill sets and develop them in meaningful ways. Teaching students how to fine-tune their abilities through project-based learning helps them complete projects and achieve goals that are aligned with their purpose and passion. 

Today we’re gonna take a look at podcasting and some quick ways to get a show started. We’ll explore podcast types, podcast structures, how to set up your podcast, iOS devices and software, and how to edit and publish your show on Apple Podcast. 

For this video project, I gathered assets, recorded the content, edited them (I thank my daughter, a fellow influencer, for her assistance), and learned how to incorporate closed captioning for diverse learners. 

After watching this video, I challenge you to start brainstorming topics and ideas for your podcast. Then, check out the next video to learn how to record and edit your podcast. 

2 replies

June 22, 2023

What a comprehensive series of posts Marcus! Thanks so much for sharing!

July 19, 2023

This video is fantastic! What a great way to show students how to get started podcasting. I appreciate all the ideas and information here Marcus!

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