Holiday Loops with GarageBand

From school concerts to caroling, the winter/holiday season is always full of music. As a kid, I loved the music from the Nutcracker (especially the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy) but it just didn't sound as cool on my out-of-tune piano as it does on the Celesta.

➡️ Cue GarageBand!

Knowing how much my students love creating music with Live Loops, I decided to design my own Live Loops grid, based on the Tchaikovsky classic. This activity was featured in 12 Days of Creativity: Volume 2 (which is available for download on Apple Books.)

To get started simply download and unzip the GarageBand file and 💥 you can start creating your very own remix. (Check out the video below if you need help downloading).


Explore the loops and build your song by:

Tap an individual cell
Try adding more
Or tap an entire column

When you find a mix you like, simply tap the Record button and play through your arrangement. You can then export your creation as a song or make a screen record and share with the world!

I know my students always enjoyed this activity and hopefully yours will too. 🎵🎛❤️


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