Researching with Notes

I’m always looking for ways to connect history to current topics and to create lesson ideas for teachers. As concepts and conversations come my way, I’m constantly collecting and building on them with my most used Apple Tool, Notes.  In my role as Special Project Coordinator for Mentors in the TPS Teachers Network, I research frequently in the Library of Congress, on blogs and on history and news sites. Here is a snapshot of my working Notes.

My Notes Interface
What makes my large array of collected material manageable is my ability in Notes to:

Please share how you use Notes in your workflow.

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Posted on January 07, 2023

I never think to use folders in Notes to organize my content -- appreciate that reminder in your post, Cheryl!

Posted on January 08, 2023

Thanks Jessica! I was not a big folder user either until recently because the search feature in Notes makes finding things easy - if you can remember even part of what you noted 😀. However now since I need gather so many possible post ideas from Library of Congress material, I find that locating them in one LOC folder helps me scroll through that folder and see what I want to develop next.

I’m also, on occasion, doing the same with some of the posts in our Apple Education Community, although the search feature is excellent here. It helps me to ”folderize” ideas to build on later.

Posted on April 25, 2023

My children use notes as an interactive dry wipe board. Answers that were once wiped off once the lesson was over, the question was answered, or more space was needed are now retained. We can look back through learning, file work under subject headings and share with other learners through screen mirroring and AirDrop.

As our English lessons progress each week, we build up a range of notes that the children then access when they perform their 'Big Write' at the end of a unit of work. It has made the work in the build up to their writing much more useful as they can access all the vocabulary, grammar pointers and tips that we have worked on during the week. If something has been hand-written, we take a photo and insert it into Notes so that no learning is 'lost'.

Posted on April 26, 2023

Wonderful that you have your student writing organized around Notes! Thanks for the idea!

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