What Did I learn?

I used to think that utilizing all the tools on the iPad may be too overwhelming for each and every one of my students. Now I know that with the students' ease of access to electronics and being in an IT school, utilizing and pushing my students to understand each and every feature the Ipad has to offer is not only easier than expected but also allows the students the chance to teach me a thing or two. We are learning how to truly use a new tool (Ipad) that will benefit us not only in my class but for many classes and even jobs to come. I am a science teacher at John Marshall School IT HS! One major thing that surprised me during my lesson was that students reflected on their learning in real time and were excited about how far they came in a 20 minute span! I will continue to utilize ALL the tools the iPad offers and specifically when using the screen recording feature ensure the students use a measurable amount of scientific terminology.

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