Mind Mapping Images & Stories of Black History with Freeform

Often you need to jump into a new app with a project, to fully understand its potential.  That’s what I did with Freeform on iPad in order to organize and mind map some social studies resources for Black History Month that I could merged into a student learning activity.  


Freeform Mind Map with Black History Resources
Freeform Mind Map with Black History Resources from Library of Congress blog posts.

And what I discovered was an easy way to provide resources for learners as they explore Black History. The idea - learners use Freeform to link to resources, to organize and categorize, to provide a visual collection and connection, to formulate questions and to drive further research.

What I also love for learning is that Freeform is collaborative, can expand, grow, change and can incorporate a variety of media.

The above example is my Freeform “explore.” I used a series of Library of Congress Prints and Photos collated blog posts on African America history that I wanted to group. Using images, links, lines and shapes, provides a visualization of collections I want learners to explore.  Photos link to blogs that tell the story of each primary source. There is even more potential when a class or a team collaborate on Freeform as they build a Black History mind map.

How do you use Freeform in history or social studies learning activities?

Resource: Stories of People and Places for Black History Month by Kristi Finefield, Library of Congress Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos, February 14, 2023

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