Using Freeform to create Knowledge Boards

Activity: Creation of knowledge boards to allow my pupils to research a topic using useful websites, videos, links and photographs.

Background: As part of our topic learning about wild animals, I was keen for my pupils to be able to search and find out information for themselves, based on their own interests within the topic we are studying. As they are too young yet to have the skills needed to search online, I found the perfect solution with Freeform. I found the child friendly information that would be useful for them and crafted it into a board that gives them an interactive and independent way of exploring the content.


The App: Freeform allows you to add web links, photos, videos, shapes, documents and link them all together. The unlimited canvas means you can just keep adding. Information previews inline without having to leave the board. It’s a great way to gather lots of information together in one place, linked and organised. The ability for collaboration on a board takes it up another notch.

How it went: Once completed, I shared the knowledge board with my pupils to use on their own iPads. They have enjoyed choosing the animals they want to learn about, at a pace that suits them. Some chose to complete the art activity, others chose to watch the video, while others visited the web links. The great thing about this is that the board stays with them and they can go back and look at it any time they like in comparison to a lesson where I share the information and then it is gone when the lesson is over. This travels with them as a space to revisit any time they like.

Next Steps: We have only just started out with Freeform - our first session involved doodling, this one learning through Freeform and my next session is going to enable them to work collaboratively on a board together to curate some ideas for themselves.  

4 replies

March 10, 2023

Wonderful “beginning search” tool. What a creative way to use Freeform!

March 14, 2023

Such a great example. Thanks for sharing.

March 14, 2023

Thank you for sharing! I love this

March 14, 2023

Great work Karen. We are using it in avery similar way with our older students preparing them for written exams. As an educator, I'm using it to place all my lesson resources in one place and as students they are creating their own revision notes. It's such a great App which I can only see becoming more powerful.

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