Challenge Based Learning - Using Video Editing to Take Action on Racial Equity and Justice

I teach a video course using Final Cut Pro for students to create amazing videos. Back in October 2023 I was invited to take place in a webinar about Apple's K-12 Challenge Based Learning Project: Help Shape a Healthier Society. This project was part of the Taking Action on Racial Equity and Justice Initiative. I needed a new project for my students so I decided to jump in. I shared with my students the PDF guides provided by Apple: and We discussed the project as a class and the students needed to come up with a video that was between 45 seconds and 2 minutes In length. Some students decided to film their messages with our video cameras, while others used the website to find royalty free videos that they could use for their project. Students either used music built into Final Cut Pro or music from which is also royalty free as long as you give credit. The deadline for the students was November 1st so I could showcase some of my student's work on November's Apple Chat. The students needed to gear their videos towards mental or physical health. It was a great project for they to help polish their video skills while also learning great life lessons.


This was a great project for students to start to compile various video clips while using titles and background music. You can get an idea of how I teach my class in my free book I published to the Apple Book store linked here: I do need to update the book and include the project based learning project as well as the stop animation project that I added which my students are currently finishing up.

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