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I have been working with an elementary PE teacher all year to explore ways to use iPad in PE. Until this point, he has mostly been using iPad to teach with. However, since students are one to one with iPad in our district, he wanted to push his thinking to have students creating during his class as well.

After observing students using iPad to create in the classroom, it was clear to him that they were more than capable of this challenge. Today, I partnered with him to have his students create their own workout videos. In past classes, students watch videos where they choose between two things, (this or that) such as baseball or soccer. There is then a corresponding exercise that goes with the object that they choose.

How it Worked:

Students worked in groups of three to create these videos. Two students modeled the exercises, and the other student recorded. They rotated through these roles so that each student had the chance to be the camera person. Coach Schulte encouraged students to choose exercises that targeted different muscles in the body (i.e. core, arms, legs, etc).

Students created a Poster in Clips that said "This or That" and then placed emojis of their choosing on either side for their audience.


This (butterfly emoji) or That (penguin emoji)
Students used the poster option in Clips to create their This or That screen. They picked emojis to add to their poster and videos.
Butterfly emoji = jumping jacks  penguin = butt kicks
Students put the corresponding emoji over each exercise to match their poster. They recorded their exercises for 20 seconds to allow for time to workout.

What's Next:

The teacher now plans to use these student created videos as warmups in their other PE class. What a great way to spread the creativity! I can't wait to see where this teacher goes next.

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Posted on April 18, 2023

This is fantastic. I love the way that students get to be involved in the creation process as well as the exercise!

Posted on April 21, 2023

Love this! Such an active, engaging, and authentic use of technology in PE class!

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