Exploring Leonardo.Ai for Generating AI Art

Exploring Leonardo.Ai for Generating AI Art with examples of artwork

I was excited this week to discover and play around with the Leonardo.Ai app for generating Ai art. (There also is an online version for Leonardo.Ai which I have not tried.) I really liked what I could do with this app and thought the results in many ways were even better than Adobe Firefly.

Leonardo.Ai - Image Generator: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/leonardo-ai-image-generator/id1662773014 

This app (as of 9/16/23) is a free download and is listed for ages 17 and up. It requires having a login account and does have in app purchases. The app uses a credit system to generate images. Currently, you receive 150 free credits per day (which do not roll over to the next day). Most images require 20 credits and will make 4 versions of your prompt. So you have to be strategic and thoughtful when using the free version. Free images are 768 pixels max and can be used commercially. Some of the more advanced styles do require a paid subscription. 

(UPDATE (9/30/23) - When I first used this app, they had a free preview of a paid feature called "Alchemy" which which enhances and adds coherence to the designs. Now that the preview of Alchemy is turned off, I find the designs in the free version are more distorted and lack some of the beautiful design features.)


examples of AI modeling

Leonardo.Ai contains a large selection of “Models” which have preset style parameters that you can use to start your work. The models are mostly character and objects that can be used for fantasy-style artwork generation. I especially liked the models for Cute Characters and Cute Animal Characters because I have been exploring character generation using AI. But you can choose any style to generate anything you want, not just a person or fantasy object. 


Ai generated illustration of a cat, descriptions of the prompt parameters

I started by generating by generating a “tabby cat in a purple sweater” which is prompt I usually use when testing out a new Ai Art tool. The first results were very “clean” and detailed without distortions.


AI generated images of a bear character in a princess costume

Next I made a bear dressed as a princess on a gray background. Again the results were really cute and clean and had an appealing style with lots of details. (I am testing out ways to make characters because I am working on some lesson ideas that would use Ai generated characters and backgrounds for digital storytelling in Keynote, Pages, and other iPad apps. I hope to be sharing these ideas soon!) 

illustration of castle tower with clouds in the background.
60's style cats in yellow, orange, and green

I also tested out a castle tower on a gray background, some borders, and some groovy 60’s styled cat posters. Again, I loved the results, and thought there were less distortions then I have found in Adobe Firefly. 

Leonardo.Ai contains many of project examples that were generated by users. (Note: there are a lot of “curvy” women examples, but there also is gorgeous scenery and imaginative objects.) You can select any of these user artworks and copy that style to use for your own creation. I found a “coloring book style” which I used to design my own coloring pages. I thought these were amazing.

I’m looking forward to playing around some more with Leonardo Ai. I think the results are really great and similar to what others are getting with Midjourney, yet it is a lot easier to do! I like this enough that I might even purchase a subscription.

Call to Action: If you have tried this app or have discovered another one that you like to make AI Art please let me know in the comments!

One Best Thing:

This post is a part of my One Best Thing Project "AI Art for Inspiration, Creativity, and Learning." I am collecting my AI Art project ideas and resources at this website:


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September 17, 2023

Thanks Karen for introducing me to another art AI app! Your creations are always fascinating. What I’m finding is that AI provides me with some interesting ideas (depending on the strength of my prompt), that I can use to make my own creations. I’m finding that it expands and enhances brainstorming for projects that I may create myself.

I’m looking forward to your lesson ideas on AI backed digital storytelling with Keynote. Thanks for educating us with your AI explores!

September 18, 2023

Yes, Cheryl, one of the things I find is that AI Art imagines and visualizes in a new way - it really expands my visual creativity. It really is a help when brainstorming!

September 18, 2023

Thank you for an intro to Leonardo AI. I attended the Virtual AI Creative Summit last Thursday and Friday and first learned about Leonardo AI. I didn't want to play too much because I thought it was 150 credits total, not 150 credits a day. I will play more. I use Purple Princess Panda prompt to test AI. I haven't played with MidJourney yet. I was also introduced to Pica AI https://www.pica-ai.com/ and Runway https://runwayml.com/. I haven't had time to play with each yet.

a side by side comparison of Leonardo AI and Adobe Firefly AI generated images

September 23, 2023

I love the purple pandas, Michael. Thanks for your AI art discoveries - they are new to me and I plan to check them out today! If you find anything else good, please let me know!

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