Coaching through hiccups

While working with an Earth Science teacher to have students use video in lab data collection and data analysis, there were a few hiccups in getting the Numbers documents with videos submitted through our LMS.

The teacher got very frustrated by the hiccups and was unable to see any real benefits for the experience as we started our reflection conversation, but I was able to steer the conversation toward what students learned to do in addition to the lab’s learning outcomes and how they can use those skills in the future, as well as what she learned about using Numbers. 

By focusing on what went well, we were able to have productive conversations and still talk about what went well and how to move forward in the future.


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Posted on November 08, 2023

Really nice approach! Often when there are tech glitches that’s what is focused on. Good tip on how to change that focus and lean in on moving forward! Thanks!

Posted on November 17, 2023

Hi Justin, good to hear you could steer the conversation back to your vision. Do you have any examples of the benefits you discussed or how you might have demonstrated this to the teacher?

We've been developing a way of using Numbers in Primary Science to plan experiments, collect data and make conclusions. The vision is to remove any potential math or literacy barriers learners may have to working scientifically by making use of live graphing and dictation/speak selection on iPad.

In some of our coaching sessions with teachers in their classrooms there have been technical problems too, sometimes around accessing work shared and other times from the infrastructure. Our conversations always steer back to how the children are thinking scientifically with and without technology or what the pace of lessons looks like with and without technology. Usually we see that 'more science' takes place because the recording of ideas, results and making conclusions is pacier as the technology is removing the math and literacy barriers some primary aged pupils may have.

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