Challenge for Change; 6 word stories in Space Science!

After attending one of the Challenge for Change sessions provided by Apple Professional Learning, I created an extension to a lesson I was already doing in my Advanced Space Science course to TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

My students wrap up the semester long course by choosing a topic and an forming an opinion about a Social Implication of Space Travel. We discuss many of these throughout the semester; space junk, expense of space travel, environmental effects from rocket launches, space laws, geopolitical implications and more. Once they choose a topic, they have to make a single-faceted bold statement and convince their audience of their claim.

The Apple Distinguished Educator institute was amazing. I took a story telling session there where we learned about the Pixar story telling spine. I combined the CHALLENGE of story telling, the Pixar model, and the fun "6 word story" idea into a way for students to really define, refine, and clarify their BOLD STATEMENTS.

  1. Students did some research using AI about their topic. They gather the data, information, and changed paths as much as they needed with their topic.
  2. They spent a little time compiling their story - beginning, middle, end - and the reasons WHY they picked what they picked.
  3. I asked them make a 6 line story using the Pixar model to tell their story and convince the world of their argument.
  4. The next class, (after they had more time to fix up their research, their path, their ideas), I challenged them turn their research into a 6 WORD STORY.

The results were so amazing!


6 word stories
Student work; 6 word stories.

I curated a few of my favorites using Keynote and shared on social media with the #ChallengeforChange tag. Below I have also included the assignment I share with students. I found that their final Clips projects (also shared in the Forum here) were so much more clear and complete than in prior years. #ADEPhysics #D214


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Posted on December 15, 2023

Yes! Amazing results! Your student’s 6 word stories really draw me in to thinking about the larger picture. Wonderful culminating project and challenge, Katie!

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