Lights, Camera, Achievement! Celebrating Our Media Class's Journey from Morning Announcements to Podcast Pioneers and Community Storytellers

This year, I embarked on an exciting journey with my new media class, venturing beyond the realm of morning announcements to create a district-wide podcast. Embracing the challenge, we transitioned from using GarageBand to the more advanced Logic Pro, a leap that significantly enhanced our production quality. This shift not only allowed us to explore a broader range of audio editing techniques but also to delve deeper into the art of storytelling. The podcast has become a vibrant platform for sharing diverse voices and stories from across our district, fostering a sense of community and connection. The experience has been incredibly rewarding, both in terms of technical skill development and in the way we've been able to engage with our audience on a deeper level.

Our media class took a significant leap by partnering with our local Chamber of Commerce, a collaboration that opened up a world of real-world applications for our skills. We embarked on a project to create promotional videos and materials for local businesses, utilizing the powerful capabilities of Final Cut Pro. This partnership not only provided us with a practical platform to apply our learning but also allowed us to contribute meaningfully to our community. Working closely with these businesses, we gained invaluable insights into their unique stories and needs, which we then translated into compelling visual narratives. The experience of using Final Cut Pro enhanced our technical proficiency, enabling us to produce professional-quality videos. This venture has been incredibly fulfilling, bridging the gap between education and community engagement, and empowering us to use our media skills to support local enterprises.

The remarkable experiences and advancements in our media and technology programs this year were significantly sparked by the inspiring Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Institute I attended this summer. The constant support and the relationships formed at the Institute have been invaluable, providing a wealth of ideas and encouragement. The ADE community's enthusiasm and innovative spirit have been contagious, fueling our ambition to continue pushing boundaries in educational technology. This experience has not only enriched my professional growth but has also ignited a renewed excitement to keep doing great things in our school, leveraging the power of technology to enhance learning and creativity. The journey ahead looks incredibly promising, thanks to the solid foundation and ongoing support from the ADE network.

You can listen to our first few podcasts here:

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Posted on December 18, 2023

Congratulations and outstanding! So wonderful for students to have a public audience for their professional work and to be involved in their community - quite a powerful learning experience!

Posted on December 19, 2023

I think it is great that you are using Final Cut Pro with your students to help promote local businesses. I partnered with our Marketing class and my class is filming and editing the videos, while the Marketing class is doing the acting. We are sharing the videos on the large TV monitors in the cafeteria so all students can see what clubs and activities the Marketing class is promoting.

Keep it going, and don't hesitate to ask for any help with FCP.

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