Idea for Documenting a CBL Approach to MLKing Day of Service

The Challenge Based Learning framework is a perfect way to organize activities around the Martin Luther King Day of Service. I used some primary sources from the Library of Congress with Keynote to create digital lamp post banners as an example of how learners might document their activism through the framework.


Lamp post banner - includes 3 primary sources each on a separate lamp post banner

My process

  1. Use the Challenge Based Learning framework with the Big Idea of “Service”
  2. Take a photo of a lamp post banner. See Learning Center Keynote for iPad Photos
  3. Use Keynote to substitute a photo on the banner with a photo of learner participation in the Day of Service.  Share out.

Day of Service and Challenge Based Learning 

Martin Luther King Day (this year, Monday January 15, 2024) is a designated National Day of Service that encourages us all to volunteer to improve our communities. This is a perfect opportunity to use the Challenge Based Learning framework to engage learners in the process of participating in a Day of Service. For example:

  • Engage using the Big Idea of “Service” - Through CBL, learners can determine the parameters of their service, formulating questions that will lead to an essential question about community impact on a personal level.
  • Investigate - Learners use digital tools to research guiding questions that drive their investigation and analyze the results.
  • Act - Learners implement and act on an authentic and meaningful service activity.  They reflect on their action by using digital tools that document their activity and process.

To see other lessons that use #CBL in the Apple Education Community, search #CBL

The Library of Congress primary sources I used in my light pole banner example: 

Light poll banners with primary sources

  1. [Martin Luther King, Jr., half-length portrait, facing left, speaking at microphones, during anti-war demonstration, New York City]
  2. A Third year high school girl in the chemical laboratory
  3. [Girl Scout in canoe, picking trash out of the Potomac River during Earth Week 1970]

Here is an additional interesting resource for Street Art Activity (Apple Education Community)

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