Taking the Leap to Share My Voice

Last year, I embarked on an exciting journey as an Apple Learning Coach. My initial task involved using GarageBand, a mix of a challenge and thrill for me. Our initial project required recording a basic audio piece about three types of people encountered in tech utilization coaching. Despite my partner's comparison of my first recording to a 'wind-tunnel,' I embraced its imperfection, acknowledging my ongoing personal and professional growth.

Fast forward to the final unit, I revisited audio production with the goal of creating a podcast, titled 'Intentional Tech.' I designed its art cover on Canva, symbolizing the start of something new. My summer's end resolution was to share my voice through short podcasts, targeting coaches, instructional specialists, or administrators with simple, forward-moving strategies.

However, life's twists saw me miss my October launch deadline. Revisiting this goal in winter, I committed to producing 52 episodes this year. 'Intentional Tech' isn't about financial gain, a side hustle, or fame; it's a platform for sharing my thoughts and strategies, resonating with my auditory learning style.

I acknowledge the podcast's current limitations, like accessibility and minor audio issues (a shoutout to my supportive listener, my dad for that comment!). It's a journey of my progress, offering strategies to hopefully help others on their journey as well

Interested in following my journey this year? You can follow me here: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/allenschagene

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Posted on January 16, 2024

Hi Allen,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey as an Apple Learning Coach and your venture into podcasting with 'Intentional Tech.' It's inspiring to see how you embraced the challenges of using GarageBand, turning it into a platform for personal and professional growth.

The comparison of your first recording to a 'wind-tunnel' by your partner made me smile because it reflects the honesty and humility with which you approached the learning process. Embracing imperfections is a crucial aspect of growth, and your commitment to ongoing progress is commendable.

The evolution of your project from a basic audio piece to a full-fledged podcast is remarkable. The title 'Intentional Tech' resonates well, and the fact that it's not about financial gain or fame but a platform for sharing your thoughts and strategies adds depth to your endeavor.

Life's twists and missed deadlines are inevitable, but your determination to revisit your goal and commit to producing 52 episodes this year showcases resilience. I'm genuinely interested in following your journey this year and have already bookmarked your Spotify link. I look forward to listening to 'Intentional Tech' and gaining insights from your experiences and strategies. Best of luck with your podcasting journey, and here's to a year filled with growth and success!

Also - Marcus has a nice 3 part post on Podcasting that you might want to check out if you haven't seen it. 😊

Posted on January 17, 2024

Hey Allen!

Life always has a way of throwing obstacles in our path. I commend you for persevering with the idea to create your podcast after you didn’t reach that original goal!

Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be sure to check out your podcast soon!

Posted on January 17, 2024

Congratulations for persevering and creating this excellent resource! I am eager to listen and learn from your guests.

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