Let It Go!

My iTeam teammate and I had the opportunity to go through a coaching cycle and co-teach with 4 teachers in my district last week. We had a fun day of creating using Keynote and iMovie! I hope that the teachers and students learned a lot, because I know I sure did.

For one of the classes that our team co-taught in, the project was to use Keynote animations to make a movie, then use iMovie to add the sounds. For the first class, I walked them through step by step for adding the slides to Keynote, then gave them a little bit of time to add the animations that they wanted. It was pretty structured for the entire 50 minutes. After that class, I shared with my teammate that I felt like I could have done better leading that lesson. She suggested for the next class being less structured. Take five minutes at the beginning to show them how to add the animations, then give them a list of expectations and just let them go! We did this, and wow! The projects that the students made were incredible.

Moral of the story: Students want the opportunity to create, they just need the opportunity. So, like Elsa says, just let it go! Give them your expectations and let them fly, and then celebrate what they create.

Here is one of the videos that was made during that co-teaching day.  

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Posted on March 01, 2024

Good advice Eileen! And fun video. We all need to practice letting it go. 😊

Posted on March 04, 2024

This is great! Structure is good as students need to learn specific skills but time to create is important too. I like a bit a both. Cycles of small step input then time to try on repeat throughout the lesson. Great advice!

Posted on March 05, 2024


What a great example of an authentic assessment! It is an excellent way for students to make their learning more personal. Thanks for sharing!

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