Using Freeform to Collaborate with Schools

My recent experience with the Executive Leadership Coaching cycle has been instrumental in addressing the challenge of supporting teachers, innovation coaches, and administrators across 11, soon to be 14, schools. As an Innovation and Social Studies Content Specialist, finding effective ways to connect with and support these diverse groups I cannot see daily has been a significant challenge. Thanks to the incredible guidance of Jenny Grabiec, we found a solution.

Jenny and I identified the need for a platform to facilitate continuous interaction and support for teachers, innovation coaches, and administrators throughout the year. This led us to explore the potential use of a tool that was already on all of our devices, Freeform.

With Freeform, the different groups I support can communicate, share resources, and provide feedback on our progress with content, school, and district goals all in one place.

This journey has not only enhanced my ability to support teachers, innovation coaches, and administrators but has also demonstrated the power of effective coaching and innovative thinking. I am excited about the future and confident that our new instructional forum will continue to foster growth and excellence in our schools.

Working with Jenny has been an absolute pleasure. She provided the perfect balance of support and autonomy, enabling me to develop a solution that truly fits our unique context. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her.

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