Literacy Across the Curriculum

At my school, particularly in the Middle School (Years 5-8), we have a priority of literacy across the curriculum. This manifest in a number of ways, but one of the most important ways is in our Drop Everything & Read (DEAR) program. Every single day after lunch, for 10-15 minutes, all Middle School students and teachers start their class by reading. What is read is up to the students and it can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and so forth. For students with learning needs, they are also able to access audiobooks on their iPads using apps such as Sora, iBooks and Borrow Box. When the program was first launched, we restricted students to hard copy reading material (except for those with adjustments due to learning needs). The reason for this was that we wanted the teachers to be using this time to be modelling the joy of reading themselves, not constantly having to patrol the classroom to see what was on the students' screens. However, when we rolled out Apple Classroom at our school, this was revolutionary. Students were able to access digital reading resources from our library's vast collection, but the teachers could easily monitor what the students were doing. Our DEAR program has been a real success and I look forward to it continuing with the school year upon us this week.

What are other people doing in their schools to encourage literacy across the curriculum and most importantly, foster a love of learning? I would love to hear your ideas.

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